Oriol Amat: 'The State budget for 2015 deepens the divide between Catalonia and Spain'

Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting and lecturer in the Master in Financial Management and Accounting at UPF Barcelona School of Management, Oriol Amat believes that the 2015 budget presented by the National Government does little more than exacerbate one of the main problems in the relationship between Catalonia and Spain. 'There continues to be underinvestment in infrastructure in Catalonia', he maintains.

To give an idea in figures, Oriol Amat explains that: Catalonia will receive 9.5% of the State investment in infrastructure, though it is home to 16% of the population, generates 19% of the GDP and pays 20% of all taxes collected by the Spanish Government.

According to Oriol Amat, 'resolving this deficit was one of the 23 requests that the President of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, made to Mariano Rajoy a few months ago. Apparently not only has the demand not been met, but the problem has become worse.'