Sports Management, Marketing and Finance are the specialties of the UPF Barcelona School of Management 2017 Summer School

  • The UPF School of Management presents an intensive summer program aimed at recent international graduate students who wish to study in Barcelona
  • The program is 100% in English and its multidisciplinary content is designed to enable students gain a real idea about the different specialties

Summer schoolDoes the student coming towards the end of his or her degree course have a clear idea of the path they should follow ? Do they know what they want to specialize in? Or do they have doubts? In July, UPF Barcelona School of Management is organizing an intensive summer program as part of its Summer School. It will consist of multidisciplinary courses designed so that young, recently graduated students can approach different specialties and obtain the best tools for focusing on their professional future.
The Summer School course will run for two weeks, from 3 to 18 July, and will be divided into two parts. In the first week, the students will share common subjects from a wide range of knowledge areas. These will introduce them to various topics such as entrepreneurship, technology and creativity, innovation, negotiation and sales techniques, business operations and e-Business, how to think up, design and explain a good project, and even analytics and big data to gain decision-making skills based on data analysis.

In the second week, the student will choose one of three specialization branches offered by the school:

  • Sports Management, which will deal with issues such as sports administration, the economics of football, how the media work and sports and sports sponsorship.
  • Marketing and Communication, in which students will acquire the tools to learn to organize marketing plans for product sales in the digital world, and brand management.
  • The world of finance, focusing on financial analysis, corporate valuation and investments.

The academic program will combine these classes taught in the morning with linguistic and cultural activities in the afternoon. Scheduled activities range from language courses to visits to different reference companies in the city of Barcelona, such as the Moritz brewery, the famous fashion chain Mango and the prestigious Barcelona Football Club.  According to the TopUnivercity university ranking, Barcelona is the number one choice in Spain and number 23 in the world when it comes to choosing a place to study. The environment, the businesses, the location on the map, the culture and leisure activities are the factors most highly valued by students.
All the Summer School classes will be taught in English by professors the from Masters of Science degree courses at the UPF Barcelona School of Management. The aim is to help young p