Sónar exhibits projects from the Master in Sonology

Once again, the Sónar Festival has chosen to exhibit projects from UPF-IDEC in its Market Lab section; a showcase specifically created to present new developments from companies or artistic projects that are related to creativity, innovation, teaching and new business models. Sónar goes to creative laboratories, universities and companies and selects their most outstanding projects on new ways of creating, producing and doing business.

The projects it has chosen were created by students from the Master in Sonology and the Postgraduate Program in Design of Interactive Music Systems. All of the projects explore the concept of interactivity and have music as a central element.

  • R-Control is a touch-control surface for electronic instruments that provides a closer approximation of the more classical electronic sounds in live performance. It comprises a full set of drum machines, such as the TR-909, polyphonic synthesizers and analogue filters. The project was created by students Rodrigo Rammsy and Javier Aránega from the Postgraduate Program in Design of Interactive Music Systems.
  • Pool of Sounds is an interactive, water-controlled installation that enables music to be altered through the use of Spektral Delay, an audio effect that separates sound into multiple frequency bands. The effect it creates is similar to droplets of water; the music is broken into thousands of pieces when the water is disturbed and is subsequently rebuilt once the water becomes calm again. The project was created by student Verónica Vicente from the Postgraduate Program in Design of Interactive Music Systems.
  • Draw it Yourself, by Daniel Sanz, and LaserHarp, by Wardenclyffe, are two projects created by students from the Postgraduate Program in Design of Interactive Music Systems. The projects allow members of the public to interact with an intriguing pair of instruments: namely, a MIDI controller created by drawing keys in conductive ink, and a laser-based harp in which each ray of light represents a different note.

GiantSteps panel discussion

GiantSteps is holding a roundtable session that will also form part of Sónar+D. The session will tackle the following question: Where are the new musical instruments coming from?

GiantSteps is a European project that aims to create a new generation of digital musical instruments that can liberate the creative potential of professionals, amateur musicians and even children.

The panel discussion will be chaired by Sergi Jordà, a lecturer in Applied Physics and the academic director of UPF-IDEC’s Master in Sonology. The session will tackle a number of different issues and include contributions from two experts in electronic-instrument design from Native Instruments, and two musicians from the Red Bull Music Academy.
The panel will discuss and explore the ways in which new tools and interfaces for creating music can be conceived, and the best way of utilizing technical and musical knowledge in a transparent and non-intrusive manner. The session will take place on Thursday 12 June at 6.30 p.m.