Services for participants in 2009/2010

Once again the Welcome Service increased the number of its activities during the 2009-2010 academic course, most notably with visits to the Gothic quarter and La Pedrera, a cycle tour and welcome and end of course cocktails. A total of 547 students took part in these activities. For its part, the Internship Service processed 493 internships ? almost 30% more than last year. In addition to this, 48 of the participants who completed an internship obtained work contracts which, added to those who found employment through the Job listing tool, is ample proof of the growing efficiency of the Career Service. Also, 148 personalised professional counselling sessions were organised, 54% more than last year. Finally, the Alumni Association ended the course with over 1,000 members from 36 different countries and it also organised a total of 52 activities, including Continuity Programme talks and international activities. During this academic year, the list of advantages for members has continued to grow, with new benefits such as its networking directory, the Job listing tool, professional counselling and continuous training.