Seminari: 'Passion and Management of Sport'

On 12th and 13th March the Master\'s in Sport Direction and Management will be offering a seminar entitled ?Passion and Management of Sport? presented by Alberto M.Ballvé, lecturer at the Torcuato de Di Tella University in Argentina as well as other international schools.

The seminar (held in spanish) will be based mainly on the reading and discussion of the case of the Atlético Boca Juniors Club, published at the Harvard Business School, in order to understand that passion can become a key factor to success in the management of sporting organisations. Macri presided over this institution for twelve years, which was characterised more than any other by the passion of its participants.

Understanding the importance of the passion involved in management, the tension it produces and how these can both be channelled is a key point for companies which have to compete worldwide.

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