UPF is the most efficient university in Spain, according to the Fundación CyD (Knowledge and Development Foundation) ranking

UPF is considered the most efficient university in Spain, according to the third edition of the State University rankings, prepared by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CyD), in which 66 universities (44 public and 22 private), and 948 degrees from a total of 14 knowledge areas, ranging from Mathematics to Biology, as well as Chemistry, Medicine or History were analysed.

The ranking is based on a total of 32 institutional indicators, spread across the following categories: Teaching and Learning, Research, Knowledge transfer, International orientation, and Regional engagement.

Pompeu Fabra University was placed in the high performance category for 22 out of the 32 indicators (four more than in the previous edition), which makes it the state university with the best results overall. The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the University of Barcelona (UB) occupied the second and third position respectively, with 21 well-positioned indicators.

The performance results are not absolute, but are established in comparison with the data of all participating universities and are weighted according to the size of the institutions.

Twenty-two high-performance indicators, dominating in research, knowledge transfer and international orientation.

Of the 32 indicators studied, UPF achieved high performance in twenty-two. It especially stands out in the field of research, where it achieved high performance (in seven indicators out of the ten considered) in external research funding; teaching and research staff publications; normalised impact of publications; highly cited publications; post-doctoral students; current research periods, and civil service teaching and research staff without research periods.

In the international orientation section, UPF stands out in five of the six indicators analysed: master programs offered in a foreign language; student mobility; international teaching staff; international doctoral theses; and international publications. Finally, in the knowledge transfer section, UPF achieved a good score in publications with companies, patents granted, patent applications with private companies; and publications cited in patents (four of the eight categories analysed).