Eduniversal Ranking places UPF Barcelona School of Management among the best business schools in the world

The UPF Barcelona School of Management has been recognised by the Eduniversal Worldwide Business Schools Ranking 2014 as among the best 1,000 business schools in the world. This ranking was published on the 22nd of October 2014 and can be viewed on the following website: Eduniversal Ranking (

The UPF Barcelona School of Management has once again been awarded 3 Palms placing them in the number on position in the “Excellent Business School” category.  This recognition indicates that the school is prestigious national institution with important links to international bodies.

EDUNIVERSAL’s official ranking system is based on the 2014 Dean’s Vote Survey undertaken by the Deans of the business schools involved, and a subsequent analysis by the International Scientific Committee which is composed of nine independent experts representing the different parts of the world.

Some 22 Spanish educational institutions are represented on the list, having been awarded between 1 and 5 Eduniversal Palms.

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