José Luis Rojas defends quality sports journalism

UPF-IDEC’s Master in Sports Journalism received a genuine expert in journalism, especially in the field of sports journalism, in the closing ceremony celebrated yesterday. José Luis Rojas, is a journalism lecturer, author of the book "Periodismo deportivo de calidad" [Quality Sports Journalism], and co-author of Alto y Claro. Guía de pronunciación para la cobertura periodística de grandes eventos deportivos internacionales [Loud and Clear. Pronunciation Guide for the Journalistic Coverage of Large International Sporting Events.] His blog Periodismo deportivo de calidad [Quality Sports Journalism] and his Twitter account are extensively followed.

Rojas talked about the importance of quality in sports journalism, following a selective and hierarchical criteria of newsworthy facts, comparing it to tabloid or purely commercial news. He spoke about journalistic jargon and the need for making correct use of language, about widening the vocabulary used, about ethics and professionalism and the importance of good research and depth in journalism, also applied to the area of sport.

For José Luis Rojas, there is no doubt that journalism requires specialization due to its significant social impact.