David Elvira, new president of the Hispanic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Lawyer David Elvira, associated lecturer at the UPF Faculty of Law and of the Master in International Business at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, has been chosen as new president of the Hispanic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona. This entity was founded in 1998 and has around 170 members. The Chamber is a platform for meetings and contacts between businesses and business people with the common interest of promoting Catalan and Swedish business relations. The Chamber represents the interests of Swedish businesses that are opened in Catalonia, but at the same time it is a meeting point, to stimulate investment, employment and the Catalan economy’, explains David Elvira. It is precisely in the Master at the UPF Barcelona School of Management that Elvira gives lectures on international taxation and tax planning. ‘In Sweden, the economy is in continuous growth. There is a lot of entrepreneurship and many Swedish companies that are becoming internationalized, such as has been the case for Spotify, King (Candy Crash) or TeaShop’, explains Elvira.

In addition to consolidated companies like IKEA or H&M. ‘In reality the New Technology sector and wholesale trade have not been so affected by the economic crisis. We could say that Swedish investment in the country is expanding and this is a good news’. In addition to making it easier for companies to set up and form lobbies of Swedish companies and entrepreneurs in Barcelona, the Hispanic-Swedish Chamber also encourages networking and contacts between Swedish and Catalan companies and holds meetings and social events.