Presentation of the Business Plans of the Postgraduate in Business Management

Last 31st of May, the participants of the Programme in Business Management presented the business plans that they have developed during the course.

Participants prepare a plan or launch project for a new company or business unit. They can also choose the re-launch or development of an existing company.

This is developed during the programme and is tutored, thus allowing the integration of all the knowledge acquired and the application of skills regarding group work, preparing reports and public presentations. It also allows to develop the entrepreneurial side that we all carry within and it´s one of the incentives to take the course. 

The works presented this year were very diverse both by the topics chosen by the participants and the sectors covered. The tourism sector, booming in our environment, was represented by a new hotel proposal for a coastal location near Barcelona as well as the recovery and launch of a Spa in Tarragona. In terms of electronic commerce, proposals were made both in the textile sector and in the retail distribution of food. All this was complemented by the plan to relaunch a familiar Catalan winery.