Presentation of final projects for the Master’s in the Creation of Video Games

On Friday the 24th of November, students from the 2011-2012 class of the Master's in the Creation of Video Games presented their final projects at UPF's Communication Campus. The following five video games were presented:


The programme has become a benchmark in the video game industry both nationally and internationally, thanks to its quality and the market releases of the projects created by its students. These are some examples of the success achieved so far:

2 winners at the Independent Games Festival (San Francisco)

  • Galaxy Scraper
  • Last Dance

4 winners at Artfutura (Barcelona)

  • Rennard
  • Galaxy Scraper
  • Granny Snatchers
  • Inopia

1 winner at Creanimax (Mexico)

  • Tempo

1 winner at the Three Headed Monkey Awards (Barcelona)

  • Forgotten Kodama

It must also be noted that a high percentage of students go into the job market after completing the master's, either joining other companies or starting up their own.

In early 2012, the team of students who created The Last Dance founded A crowd of Monsters, a UPF start-up that released Sugar Kid on the 4 th of October, its first commercial video game in the App Store. 

In addition, the five creators of Forgotten Kodama who make up the Hugging Cactus team have found work in the video games industry: Adrián is a 3D animator at Novarama; Dano is a junior producer at Digital Legends; Albert and Luis Miguel are programmers at 5 Ants; and Hernán is a programmer at Mercury Steam.