Prague, host to the academic week of the Master’s in International Business

As they do each year, the students of the Master's in International Business .Specialising in Latin America, Europe and Asia have carried out an international academic week the objective of which is to become familiar with the reality of international business by taking an academic trip to a destination outside Barcelona. In the present edition of the master's course, the chosen location was Prague, where participants found a wide range of activities aimed at strengthening their knowledge of the economic situation in the Czech Republic. From 25th to 29th March 2012, the participants attended a series of conferences dealing with matters such as:

  • Czech Republic’s Economy and  the commercial links between Spain and Czech Republic” with José Alejandro Huerta Quintero, from the Spanish Commercial Office in Prague.
  • “Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic”, with  Doctor Martin Lukes.
  • “Doing business in the Czech Republic”, with del Doctor Jana Prikrylova, SKODA Universidad. 

•Apart from these conferences, the students went to visit Skoda firm.

The Master's in International Business .Specialising in Latin America, Europe and Asia, headed by Carles Murillo and Manuel Cienfuegos, trains professionals so they can adapt to the challenges of the global market. Participants will learn to analyse the business context and identify business and investment opportunities in various geographic environments.