Philippe Maarek gives a master class to students on the Master in Political Communication

Philippe Maarek, professor at Paris 12 University, delivered a master class to the students on the master in Political and Institutional Communication at UPF-IDEC, outlining key aspects of political marketing and running an electoral campaign.

Maarek discussed how to develop the image of different politicians, speech writing, and how politicians adapt communication to development of society. In fact, Maarek emphasised that image communication has, in many cases, come to substitute communication of values and ideals.

The renowned academic analysed videos of recent campaigns from Barack Obama, Nicolás Sarkozy and the PSC in Catalonia. He also spoke about Podemos, and the new will to bring politics closer to society through citizen participation and grass-roots movements, though he emphasised that “in politics, and especially in political marketing, there is no such thing as an infallible method.”

However, he was clear that today, to be a successful politician, public debate does not suffice. It is essential to dominate internet communication and participation in TV programs that are more oriented towards entertainment than politics. Maarek discussed different marketing and political communication mechanisms in use today and responded to students’ questions on this sector of communication.