Pharmaceutical marketing at Christmas

Christmas is a marketing opportunity for pharmaceutical companies too. Marketing campaigns at this time of year can bump up sales, increase reputation, secure customer loyalty and put the “pharmacy” brand in front of clients. “Pharmacy is a brand and the pharmacist is a trusted brand,” says Albert Pantaleoni, professor on the Master in Pharmaceutical Marketing at the UPF Barcelona School of Management and manager of the Club de la Farmacia de Almirall. “Don’t miss the opportunity that Christmas brings,” he advises. Some slogans for your Christmas window could be:

  • Pharmacy is a gift.
  • Give health.
  • Give wellbeing.
  • Be beautiful this Christmas (cosmetics).
  • Our little stars (photos of children).
  • Feel good this festive season.

According to Pantaleonia, Christmas is a time for giving, and pharmacies are filled with products that can easily be turned into excellent Christmas gifts. Cosmetics products, electric toothbrushes, monitors and thermometers. It is a good time to launch a health campaign, since Christmas is a time for overeating, digestive products would sell well.