The ninth edition of QUORUM focuses on the increasing tendency towards personalization

The ninth edition of Quorum focused its academic debate on the effects of personalization as a common characteristic in different fields and sectors.  The development of new information technologies has turned our world into a reality that has become inter-connected with a tremendous quantity of information. An overdose of content that affects people’s decision-making capacity because we receive more information than we are capable of processing. That is why personalization is becoming a key element used to connect better with people. Personalization of products and contents, of experiences and processes, of politics, finance, health, education... Personalization seems to be gaining ground in every area of our lives.

In this new edition of Quorum, we intend to address this tendency towards personalization through the experiences of our academic experts in different areas of knowledge. With the participation of: Jordi Balló, Cristina Ribas, Yolanda Portolés, Carles Pont, Albert Garcia Pujades, Albert Banal and Daniel Serra. On this occasion, a director from CaixaBank will be collaborating from the business sector.

We invite you to join us and share your opinions with us. We hope you enjoy it!