Pere Portabella Masterclass: “In cinema, leaving behind your individualism is essential"

The prestigious film-maker Pere Portabella gave a lecture to students on the Master program in Creative Documentary from UPF Barcelona School of Management. Portabella has just released General Report II. The new abduction of Europe. This film relies on the participation of students from the UPF Master in Creative Documentary through close collaboration with management and students from the past edition of the program. Portabella explained that this second part of the General Report recounts another time which in his view is “historic and unrepeatable”. “The death of Franco in 1976 marked the beginning of the political transition process.” This second report is made in the context of a profound systemic crisis on a cultural, economic, financial and political level which provokes the reaction of civic movements and Podemos and the ANC’s entrance into politics.

Portabella spoke to them about storyline, language and involvement. “The most important thing for a film-maker is to stop trying to be an individual and become involved in the community. To offer your own viewpoint means to get stuck in, get involved and participate”.

Portabella is a master of visual architecture and his films break the usual boundaries for documentary cinema. “I make films, not documentaries,” he claims. He spoke to the students about the production process, from the initial idea to the materialisation of this idea. “All that happens between the initial idea and the end of the project is aesthetics. The language, story, camera and how discourse is delivered, this is what you bring as film-makers, your own personal viewpoint”.