Pau Verrié, rewarded for his professional career

The Latin America and Europe Continuing Education Network (RECLA) has rewarded the professional career of Pau Verrié in view of his contribution to the strengthening and consolidation of Continuing Education. Pau Verrié was Director General of IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra from when it was created, in 1993, to July 2010.

The RECLA award, which recognised the professional career of Pau Verrié, is European in scope. In the Latin American sphere, the award went to Emelina Sarmiento from the University of the North (Barranquilla, Colombia). These prizes also rewarded an innovative teaching initiative and a social responsibility project, both going to the University of Costa Rica.

The awards were presented for the first time on 11 October last in the framework of the XVII Annual Meeting of RECLA “High Impact Continuing Education”, which was held at the Blas Pascal University of Córdoba (Argentina). Video of the XVII International Meeting of RECLA.

Pau Verrié

During the 17 years for which Pau Verrié was Director General of IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 93,000 people participated in training activities, of whom 27,000 obtained master’s degrees or postgraduate qualifications. Overall, 10,000 foreigners participated in the programmes developed both in Barcelona and abroad, and 20,000 people participated in programmes commissioned by companies and institutions.

In this period, Pau Verrié represented IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra on several both domestic and international networks. He was a founder and president of the ACECU, the Catalan network of university continuing education, a founder and president of ForQ, the Catalan association of business schools and university foundations, a founder of the Spanish network RUEPEP, a member of the Steering Committee of the European network EUCEN, a founder and member of the Executive Committee of the Latin American network RECLA and a representative on EFMD, CLADEA and PRME. Pau Verrié is still at the Pompeu Fabra University working on a project linked to the rector's office.