Oriol Amat: times of change and flexibility

Oriol Amat, the director of the Master's
in Financial and Accounts Management
, wrote an article in l'Econòmic published
on 30 April 2011 on times of change and flexibility. The professor of financial
economics at Pompeu Fabra Universitat emphasised that “within a complicated
economic panorama such as the present, it is remarkable that pessimism reigns
over most people, while just a minority are more proactive and do not get
carried away by the general gloom”.

In his article, Oriol Amat stated that “this situation is also reflected in
the corporate world”. Amat went on to explain that “in our business fabric
we can divide people, whether employers, managers or employees, into two groups:
the complainers and the proactives”.

Oriol Amat is the director
of the Master's
in Corporate Financial and Accounts Management
and participates as a lecturer
on various IDEC courses. The professional interest areas of this professor
of Financial Economics and Accounting at the UPF are company analysis and management
accounting. Oriol Amat recently published the book Eufòria i pànic,
in which he analyses the causes behind the current economic situation.

Please click here to read the full article published
in l'Econòmic