Oriol Amat takes part in the programme Valor afegit (Canal 33)

On March 10th Oriol Amat, director of the Master's in Financial and Accounting Management, took part in the programme Valor afegit, which is broadcast by Canal 33. A UPF Professor of Financial and Accounting Management, he took part in a report entitled ?La morositat, la gran taca d'oli? (?Non-payment, the great oil slick?) which dealt with this great economic problem, which has worsened with the current economic situation.

Amat recognises that since Spain entered the European Union there has been an improvement in payment habits. The director states that the influence of multi-national companies has brought formality to the Spanish finance sector, although he admits that Spanish justice is very slow in terms of non-payment.

Oriol Amat is director of the Master's in Financial and Accounting Management and is a lecturer on several IDEC programmes. The areas of interest of this professor in Financial Economics and Accounting at UPF are the analysis of businesses and management accounting. Oriol Amat has recently published a book entitled Eufòria i pànic, in which he analyses the causes of the current economic situation.

Valor afegit, series number 286

Non-payment spreads like a large oil slick and has become another of the great economic problems which has grown even worse during these times of crisis. Spanish businesses take an average of a hundred days to make payments, twice the time taken in France or The United Kingdom. Public administrations, which are secure payers, are also late payers.

Direct link to the report. Oriol Amat takes part from minute 00:03:00 and 00:05:30

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