Oriol Amat and Pilar Lloret present the book ‘Avanzando’ with a roundtable discussion about business success

It’s not easy to start up a business, and it’s even harder to make it survive and flourish as the years go by. In order to grow, businesses need to keep making decisions that allow them to find their position and widen their market.

This is, precisely the main objective of the book Avanzando by Oriol Amat and Pilar Lloret: to lay out the key factors that stimulate the success in business that continues over the years.

There’s nothing better to demonstrate this than with case studies. Therefore, during the presentation of their book there will be a roundtable discussion in which four successful Catalan businesses will tell us their story. Specifically, the Àrea de Guissona, Bon Preu, General Lab and Metalquimia.

The event will take place on 11 February at the IDEC-UPF auditorium at 7pm in which the general director of the Private Foundation of Higher Education-UPF, Carmen Martinelli and professor Josep Francesc Valls will be present. Professor Valls will, in fact, be the roundtable moderator, which will be made up of Jaume Alsina, president of food sector group Guissona, Joan Font, president of the Bon Preu group, José Ignacio Hornos, general director of General Lab, and Josep Lagares, director of Metalquimia. Also present will be the authors of the book, Oriol Amat and Pilar Lloret.

The table will address business decision-making in recent years, its evolution, key factors for its success and its vision for the future.

The event is organized by the Barcelona School of Management and the UPF Business Shuttle.

Attendance must be confirmed here.