Oriol Amat, new Chair of Expert Economists in Accounting and Financial Information of the General Council of Economists’ Associations of Spain

The Standing Committee of Spain's General Council of Economists' Associations has appointed Oriol Amat Salas as the new Chair of Expert Economists in Accounting and Financial Information (ECIF), a specialised organisation within the Council. The position had previously been held temporarily by Valentí Pich, the Chair of the General Council of Economists' Associations.

Oriol Amat Salas (Barcelona, 1957), holds a degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE, as well as a Doctorate in Economic Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has also spent periods studying at the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden.

He is currently a board member of the Spanish National Stock Exchange Commission (CNMV) and Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at Pompeu Fabra University. From 1995 to June 2011 he sat on the Governing Board of the Catalan Economists' Associations, and he has been chosen to represent a number of Catalan and Spanish associations. He is Vice-Chair of the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID), a member of the Management Accounting Commission of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Administration (AECA), and of the Spanish Association of University Professors of Accounting (ASEPUC).

At UPF he has been Director of the Department of Economics and Business as well as Vice-Rector of Economics and Information Systems. He has been a guest lecturer at various European, American and Asian Universities, and has undertaken various professional projects in the field of Accounting and Finance.

He has been director of the Programmes of Business Financial and Accounting Management and Auditing at the Barcelona School of Management.

He took part in the work groups that drew up the Spanish National Chart of Accounts. He has published several books which have been translated into different languages, such as Euforia y pánico (Euphoria and Panic; 2008), in which he analyses the causes of the recent economic situation, and a number of articles in academic and professional journals in the field of accounting and financial analysis. With regards journals, he is co-editor of Revista de Contabilidad y Dirección and deputy editor of R evista Iberoamericana de Contabilidad de Gestión .

The General Council of Economists' Associations coordinates and represents, at both national and international level, all of the Official Economists' Associations in Spain, governs the professional activity of economists and defends and protects their professional interests. There are currently some 50,000 members belonging to the 33 existing associations.

Expert Economists in Accounting and Financial Information (ECIF-CGCEE) is the specialist body of the General Council of Economists' Associations, which was created in February 2008 due to the importance of accounting and financial information in all fields of economics and business. This institution, comprising 2,185 economists belonging to Spain's Economists' Associations, focuses on handling, studying, analysing and structuring all aspects related to accounting and financial information, as well as providing related training, technical reports and expert opinions.