Oriol Amat, new member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Doctors

Oriol Amat, professor of Economics and Finance at UPF Barcelona School of Management, has been admitted to the Spanish Royal Academy of Doctors. Amat, a doctor in Economic and Business Science delivered a speech on the subject of “High-growth businesses: factors explaining their long-term success and sustainability”, with the disputation delivered by Santiago Dexeus, a doctor in Medicine, in the name of the Spanish Royal Academy of Doctors. It is an honour for UPF Barcelona School of Management to have such distinguished academics contributing to the prestige of our institution.

The ceremony took place on 1 April in the Sala de Actos de Fomento de Trabajo in Barcelona. Amat’s sponsors were Emili Gironella and José Mª Gay de Liébana, who have also recently been admitted to the Royal Academy of Doctors. Present at the ceremony, amongst other dignitaries, was Felip Puig, Regional Minister for Business and Employment for Catalonia.