Oran: Seminar on setting up businesses

In October, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oran organised a seminar on the setting up of businesses entitled ?De la idea al projecte? (?From the idea to the project?). This programme was organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Oran, together with Fundació Gas Natural and IDEC, and its aim is to contribute and strengthen the entrepreneurial fabric in Algeria and provide instruments so that participants, who are all young entrepreneurs from the Oran area, can develop their own business initiatives. Representing IDEC, lecturer Francesc Trias presented the fundamental aspects of setting up businesses and emphasised the importance of ideas and a business plan as basic tools to evaluate the viability of a business idea. The organisation of this seminar in Algeria is part of collaboration work between Fundació Gas Natural and IDEC with Algerian institutions representative of the business fabric in Algeria through the organisation of seminars specialising in different areas such as new technology and the processes for setting up businesses.