Fernando Vives: ‘As lawyers you cannot relinquish your role as society builders’

  • The UPF Master in Legal Practice kicks off with 200 new students that are preparing for the next official exam to practice the profession.
  • Fernando Vives, the executive chairman of Garrigues, delivered the opening presentation and encouraged the future lawyers to use Law to improve society.

Around 200 new law students started the Master in Legal Practice taught at UPF Barcelona School of Management with the aim of taking the official exam to practice as a lawyer, which is held by the Ministry of Justice. ‘We know that it is very important for you to pass this exam, but this Master program was and is designed not just to pass an exam, but as a professional master program which will allow you to learn to practice as lawyers because of the different specialisations and the professional internships it offers’ remarked Ramon Ragués, the academic director of the Master program.

The course opening presentation was led by Fernando Vives, the executive chairman and managing partner of Garrigues, one of the most important law firms in the country. Vives did not make predictions about the future of the profession and advised the students to make the most out of the training.