OpenCamp seeks to turn Barcelona into the sports tourism capital of the world

  • The IV SocialNetSport Seminar on Tourism and Sport highlights the growth potential and the economic impact of sports tourism

Who would your children prefer to take a photo with, Mickey or Messi? Paco Medina asked the auditorium of UPF Barcelona School of Management during the SocialNetSport Seminar focusing on sport tourism. “Today, jerseys and colours inspire passion, and these are more popular than Mickey Mouse ears,” he claimed.

Paco Medina is the manager of OpenCamp, the first park in the world focused on the world of sport, planned for the Olympic Ring on Montjuïc, Barcelona. OpenCamp proposes a gradual conversion of all the Montjuïc facilities, the Olympic Stadium, the Telefónica Tower, the Olympic Museum and the facilities of the National Physical Education Institute of Catalonia (INEFC), into a large complex that will bring sport and entertainment together through real, interactive experience. The park will use vanguard technology in order to reproduce more than 30 virtual experiences related to the world of sport (athletics, basketball, football, skiing, cycling and hockey). Visitors could, for example, compete in the 100m sprint against Usain Bolt, participate in Olympic events, experience the medal award ceremony or pretend to be a professional football paper. Cameras and drones will provide an audiovisual recording of the experience for the visitor to relive the thrill when back at home. Investment is estimated at 20 million euro and some 240 jobs will be created. The park will generate 53 million Euro per year for the city. The initiative has over 30 partners including the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Indescat,, Microsoft, ATOS, Allianz, and others. “We will make Barcelona the global capital of sports tourism,” Medina claimed.


SocialNetSport seminar

Sports tourism was the subject of the 4th SocialNetSport organised by UPF Barcelona School of Management the Master Program in Sports Management, which brought over 200 professionals in the world of tourism and sport. “Training of those in sports tourism in a real need in the sector. Professionals with sport and tourism training are in increasing demand and that is why the master program is essential,” claimed Josep Maria Baguda, general director of SERHS Hotels. “There can be no doubt that tourism and sport are becoming increasingly linked. This has been fortuitous. Good strategy will allow us to create a product and generate business through sport, as the participants in today’s seminar have demonstrated,” observed Carles Murillo, co-director of the Master in Sports Management at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, ranked as one of the top ten masters in sports management internationally. The programme aims to provide students with the conceptual and, above all, practical training required for successfully directing and managing any sports company, institution or event.