Olivia de Miguel: 21 years devoted to teaching at the Pompeu Fabra University

Olivia de Miguel, Tenured Lecturer in the UPF’s Department of Translation and Language Sciences, and Director and lecturer of IDEC-UPF’s Master in Literary and Audiovisual Translation, offered a farewell lesson on 27 June last after a 21-year career as a lecturer at the university.

With the title “If Gilbert and George were to raise their head!” she spoke about two British authors that she admires, Orwell and Chesterton, and what translating some of their works meant for her.

As a literary translator, she has worked for publishing houses such as El Acantilado, Siruela, Alba, Tusquets, Destino, Hiperión, Galaxia Gutenberg, Edhasa, Ediciones del Bronce, Random House Mondadori and Global Rhythm, where she edited the collection “Palabra de mujer”. The works that she has translated include A Book of Common Prayer, by Joan Didion, 1984, by George Orwell, Autobiography, by G. K. Chesterton, for which she obtained the Ángel Crespo Translation Award of the Catalan Authors’ Association, and Complete Poems, by Marianne Moore.

Olivia de Miguel