Nina Simon, expert in interactive museums, offers a Master Class on Participatory Museum as part of the Postgraduate in Museum Management: how to run a museum

On 17th November, Nina Simon, ex-curator at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San José, Califòrnia, and one of the foremost international voices on participatory design for museums and exhibitions, offered participants on the Postgraduate in Museum Management: how to run a museum a master class on participatory museums.

Author of the book The Participatory Museum, and creator of the blog Museum 2.0 for which she won the MW09 Best of the Web Prize, she reflected on the concept of the participatory public.

Simon thinks that nowadays the concept of public participation is associated above all these days with the track opened up by social media. And it's true that the social networks provide endless options to share, comment, recommend, co-create and, in short, participate so easily and so immediately that we're still getting used to. But the idea of participation goes far beyond the Web 2.0. The museum visitor, now accustomed to being an agent in the virtual environment must also be offered channels of expression and participation in the physical environment of the museum.

Her book The Participatory Museum presents the different stages of participation museums can offer. Ideas, recommendations on what to do and what not to do, a myriad of examples of good practice in museums around the world, together with the occasional failure, make this a bedside book for present-day museography.

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