The MBA prepares another 21 students for the challenges of the business world

UPF Barcelona School of Management celebrated its closing ceremony of the MBA, attended by the 21 students (15 men and 6 women) on this 15th edition for Pompeu Fabra University’s business school. The closing ceremony received a special guest of honour: Jordi Nicolau, alumnus on the MBA and currently Territorial Director for Barcelona at CaixaBank.

Nicolau has a degree in Business Science, an MBA from Pompeu Fabra University and a diploma from IESE Business School. Nicolau has held various positions in “La Caixa”, where he began in 1995, among which most noteworthy are his posts as General Delegate of Girona and Territorial Director for Catalonia.

Prizes for the best project and best academic achievement

During the ceremony, the directors made special mention of Jan Sarsanedas Coll for obtaining the best academic achievement, and also gave a prize for the best business plan of the year, Play Space Barcelona, presented by Fernando Díez, Fermi Capel, Sergio Salvó, Edgar Martínez, Jordi Llobera and Pedro Martins. Their business project PLAY SPACE BARCELONA proposes the launch of a technological leisure centre with individual games, private network games, championships and competitions. Somewhere to have fun and meet people at a time when the world of videogames and consoles is booming. 

The program director, Jordi de Falguera took the opportunity to congratulate them. “I hope that this period of study will enable you all to improve on a professional level and help you to face the new challenges ahead.” Including this one, 15 editions have now been completed at Pompeu Fabra University. Falguera emphasized the importance of keeping their networking going. “I greatly encourage you all to keep in touch and maintain the relationships with your colleagues and the institution that have grown over these past months. Your professional progression will be a shared success. Let’s share this success with the MBA community.”