New Initiatives for IDEC\'s Executive Education Programes

Coinciding with the start Managing Contradiction, a strategic HR leadership programme offered to HR directors, IDEC began offering in November new initiatives in the Executive Education series, with open programmes tailored to the needs of management.

The programmes bear witness to IDEC\'s commitment to meet the specific training needs of managers. Executive Education is structured in a broad and diverse portfolio of executive programmes based on excellence, innovation and quality, fully in tune with present day business realities, and created using rigorous academic standards.

The courses take place in a carefully crafted environment and include contributions from speakers and professionals who are recognized leaders in their fields. The main goal of IDEC\'s Executive Education programmes is to create a professional setting that fosters top-level knowledge and discussion, which leads to an exchange of real experiences, providing networking opportunities for participants, course directors and faculty and which reinforces the involvement of various business sectors with IDEC.

The Managing Contradiction programme has been jointly organized with Fomento del Trabajo Nacional, with a total of 64 training hours. Participants are all HR and personnel managers from several companies and institutions. This programme will be complemented during the first term in 2007 with courses on Company Acquisition and Strategic IT Management.

Company Acquisitions: A Comprehensive View immerses the participant in the process of acquiring a company. The programme replicates the timeline of the phases and milestones in the real process. In order to give a hands-on perspective of these operations, specialized professionals with a track records in company buy-outs act as speakers.

Strategic IT Management: From Company Knowledge to Adding Value to Business is also co-organized by Fomento del Trabajo and is sponsored by the Vodafone Foundation. Its aim is to focus upon the key professional and personal factors that a CIO must successfully manage in order to develop a strategic vision and provide added value to his company.