New book on scientific journalism by Vladimir de Semir

Decir la ciencia. Divulgación y periodismo de Galileo a Twitter is the new book from Vladimir de Semir, academic director of the Master in Scientific Communication at UPF-IDEC. The book discusses the relationship between journalism and science, and its impact on the knowledge society. The author reflects on the importance that the divulgation of information and knowledge has had throughout history.

Vladimir de Semir believes that, in this time of open access to culture and knowledge through information and communication technologies, scientific journalism is more necessary than ever. In a sea of information, he says, only true professionals who possess the necessary critical spirit are capable of informing readers in a rigorous manner.

The book is 14 chapters long and provides a true x-ray of the profession. The author breaks down all that he has learned in his over forty years as a professional journalist.