Migrópolis, a “cool” animation project

Migróplolis is an enjoyable animated short with animal characters explaining
the tales of 4 children, Tomi, Colombian, Tati from Ecuador and the Iranians
Moha and Amin, who left their home countries and now live in Barcelona.

It is a short story full of sad tales which are at times are related to the
emigration processes of families, light-heartedly showing the way children
perceive distance, oblivion, and how their imagination allows them to enjoy
their experiences.

Migrópolis is the graduate work of Karolina Villarraga (Director) and
Carlos Azcuaga (animator and producer), participants in the Master's
in Animation
, and who also come from the other side of the Atlantic: Karolina
is from Colombia, and Carlos from Mexico. They wanted to create a space for
children to explain their current situation when far from their own countries
but close to new worlds.

Migrópolis has been selected for Animabasauri and
the Animac Mostra Internacional d'Animació de Catalunya in
Lleida, the most important animation festivals in the Basque Country and Catalonia,

The filmmakers are now seeking financing to turn their project into a television

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