Melissa Mercadal and her Relationship with Music Therapy

Melissa Mercadal, music therapist and director of the Master in Music Therapy, offered by IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra in collaboration with the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport-Ramon Llull University, was interviewed by Cecilia Barrios, music therapist, publicist and director of various websites and multimedia material dedicated to music therapy training and services throughout Spain.

Cecilia Barrios is director of the website, which has great influence in the world of music therapy. Its philosophy is based on collaboration, the bringing together of knowledge and free participation by all professionals, students and users interested in music therapy and other complementary therapies. Barrios conducted an interesting interview with the researcher, teacher and music therapist.

Melissa Mercadal gave us a brief outline of her career, her research as a music therapist and her reasons for specialising in music therapy, the elderly and dementia, as well as the publications she has written in these areas. She spoke about her book Manual de musicoterapia en geriatría y demencias [“Handbook for Music Therapy with the Elderly and People with Dementia”] which she wrote with a “buddy”, and took the opportunity to tell us that she is currently working on another book about music, music therapy and disability.

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