MBA full time Graduation

The fourth promotion of the MBA full time graduated on 23 February with a moving ceremony that was presided over by Dr. Carmen Pérez, Vice-Rector for Linguistic Promotion of Pompeu Fabra University who used her international experience to welcome the candidates and their families. Pau Verrié, General Director of IDEC promised the new MBAs that the University but especially IDEC will always welcome them. On behalf of the Department of Economics and Business Michael Reiter, Associate Professor of Economics explained some of the highlights of his own experiences enjoyed with the group during classes they have shared together. Dr Salvador Estapé, Academic Director of the MBA full time addressed some warm and heartfelt words to each member of the promotion.
The keynote speech was made by Dr. Oriol Amat, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting. Dr. Amat took his own MBA graduation in 1982 and explained how he and some of his colleagues from his MBA promotion had met to agree on the principal dilemmas that have to be resolved for successful growth in business life
Dilemmas include whether to consider long term or short term goals and the importance of having a dream, a plan and a mission in both the professional and personal ambits. Balance between addiction to work and health; stress and fitness must be calculated into the formula for a long successful life. Another dilemma is the balance between family and work. On choices more firmly rooted in professional life, Dr Amat advised the audience to use intelligent managerial thinking and aim for win-win results. Futhermore, as well as hard skills, excellent soft skills are essential as are good teams and mentors. Lastly, Dr Amat reaffirmed the requirement to never stop but to continue learning.
The full time MBA aims to equip young managers with the skills required to resolve these ten dilemmas successfully. All the members of the panel congratulated the new graduates on their achievement and expressed the hope that their future careers would be both brilliant and enjoyable.