UPF-IDEC students can access some 600 businesses for internships following their studies

  • Pompeu Fabra’s centre for continuous training will this year be launching new programs in legal compliance, computer usability and sports technology.

Around 700 students on masters and postgraduate programs at UPF-IDEC are able to do their internships in businesses related to their area of study. The continuous training centre and specialized courses at Pompeu Fabra University has agreements with more than 600 companies who each year select the best candidates, eager to begin their careers.

This extensive network of collaborating organizations has been achieved from two decades of dedication with the same objective in mind: allowing university students, professionals and even business managers themselves, to specialize, with training programs that are updated and adapted to the time and the market’s needs, an area that has always proven to be a handicap in training programs across Spain. Customized and specialized programs are centred on 8 main areas, across more than 50 different courses, with the aim of covering many specific fields in different sectors. Based on the added value that specialization gives, they can cover anything, from the most classic fields in which UPF-IDEC began its activity such as Law, Communication and Public Politics, to the new specializations that have arisen in recent times, or depending on market demand such as digital arts, literary publishing, videogame creation, information technology, cultural management, specialized translation, and anything related with health and wellbeing. All of these are professional areas requiring high degrees of specialization or innovation, and therefore require particularly well-trained professionals. This is true to such an extent that UPF-IDEC also offers adapted training for businesses and organizations, designing tailor-made courses and training plans for their staff.

For the coming academic year, new programs have been opened on legal compliance, user experience and usability around the web, and sports technology, three sectors currently on the increase.

Supporting talent

In order to support students who are committed to UPF-IDEC courses, the centre has come to finance agreements with banks, and has specific scholarships, some awarded by collaborating organizations, and an exclusive scholarship program to support talent. This year, for example, a total of 56 talent scholarships have been granted to the most outstanding students. The average grade for those academic records approved by the centre is 9, and the grant covers between 25% and 50% of registration on the chosen master.