Master's Degree in Making Documentaries: IDEC and TVE sign a collaboration agreement

On 15th February a collaboration agreement was signed between IDEC?s Master?s Degree in Making Documentaries and TVE (Spanish Television). Pau Verrié, IDEC?s General Director, and Jordi Balló, director of the Master?s Degree, together with Jaume Boix, director of TVE, represented both entities. This news was announced the same day on TVE?s news broadcasts.

This masters, which from the beginning has counted on the participation of CANAL+ for the production of the three films it releases in each of its editions, has in this way extended its agreements with television companies.

Televisión Española, which is undergoing major internal changes, has demonstrated its good faith in the programme, as well as its desire to take part in the project by participating in the production of these three documentaries as from the sixth edition, which will begin in January, 2008, and for a period of two extendible periods. For its part, Canal+ is to maintain its link with the master?s and will soon be preparing a theme night dedicated to Joaquim Jordà, with the showing of the two films he made as part of this master?s and with the participation of his alumni, Mones com la Becky and De nens.