Marcos Ordoñez, lecturer on the Master’s in Literary and Audiovisual Translation, presents his novel Telón de Fondo (Backdrop)

The novel Telón de fondo, written by Marcos Ordoñez,
lecturer on the Master's
in Literary and Audiovisual Translation,
published on 19 May, a look at
Spanish theatre from the 60s to the present. Ordoñez describes the art
of theatre for us from his personal experience and wide readings. Telón
de Fondo
could become a standard work for theatre professionals: actors,
critics, directors, set designers, producers, playwrights, and so on.

According to Ordoñez, “Acting is not becoming a character, but imagining
them in full ”. Telón de Fondo breathes common sense, passion,
wisdom, and a love of theatre. Ordóñez discloses generalisations
and stereotypes, seeks the pleasure of the public and defends the task of the
theatre critic, an uncomfortable but necessary figure within the theatre world.

Born in Barcelona in 1957, Marcos Ordoñez is a novelist and theatre
critic, and delivers classes at the Institut de Teatre and the UPF. He has
worked on and contributed to various newspapers and magazines. His published
works include: Una Vuelta por el Rialto (1994), Rancho
(1997), Puerto Ángel (2000), Tarzán
en Acapulco
(2001), Comedia con Fantasmas (2002), Beberse
la Vida
(2004), Detrás del Hielo (2006) and Turismo
as well as the recopilaciones críticas Molta comèdia (1996) and
A Pie de Obra (2003). His theatre criticism articles, published in the El
supplement Babelia, have made him a reference point for many
spectators and theatre-goers.