La competència and La segona hora (RAC1), live from IDEC-UPF

Òscar Dalmau and Òscar Andreu replaced the RAC1 studio to broadcast their programme live from IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Last Friday 3 May, over 250 students and listeners of the programme heard La competència live from our institution’s Auditorium. Immediately afterwards, Quim Morales also broadcast the programme La segona hora from the same Auditorium.

The two Òscars joked about why the students decided to study a master’s degree programme at IDEC. They also spoke ironically about the subject matter of some of IDEC’s master’s programmes, such as the one on Psychosocial Intervention in Situations of Emergency and Catastrophes, very useful in view of how Barça is playing; or the Master in Forensic Linguistics. You can hear a summary of the programme on the podcast: El Greatest Hit.

In La segona hora, Xavier Pérez and Bibliana Ballbè interviewed some of the students attending. You can hear some of the sections of the programme on the following podcasts:

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