Judith Colell, new vice-president of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences

Enrique González Macho, producer, distributor and exhibitor has been named president of the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España. Owner of Alta Films and Cines Renoir as well as one of the promoters of the   Filmin.es cinema streaming platform, he won over twice as many votes as fellow contender, director Bigas Luna.

He will be accompanied in his term of office by the actress Marta Etura and film-maker Judith Colell. While Bigas Luna supported a more ground-breaking, revolutionary line of directing, the selected candidature presents a continuous line of directing: "it’s a question of continuing to do what has been done so well and trying to put forward new things to improve it". One of the main aims is to bring cinema closer to society and explain "how the cinema and audiovisual industry works” and to work with absolute transparency. Another task to carry out is that of depoliticising the Academy.

Vicepresident Judith Colell, film-maker, UPF lecturer and director of the IDEC-UPF Master in Cinema Scriptwriting and Directing. Auteur Cinema, stated that "We are eager to work and do things, and also to be on the other side, fighting to gain more recognition for our profession and to convince the Spanish public that we are producing amazing cinema”.

For Marta Etura, this is "an adventure" which she is undertaking with "great excitement, on which she is in very good company with Enrique and Judith". Etura, 1st vice-president, pointed out that they are "very clear about their intentions and what they would like to do and one fundamental point is to bring the cinema closer to the people who are furthest from it and to do everything possible to bring it prestige and recognition".