Juan Villoro Interviewed by Latin American Magazine Gatopardo

Juan Villoro, the Mexican writer and a lecturer on IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra’s University Master in Literary Creation, has been featured on the cover of Latin American magazine Gatopardo. He explains his writing style to the magazine and talks about his father, writer Luis Villoro Tozano, who is considered one of Mexico’s most highly respected philosophers.

In the article, Juan Villoro outlines the differences between the works of his father (Villoro the philosopher) and his own (Villoro the writer):

If Villoro the writer’s prose goes dizzyingly straight to the discovery (and it is the journey to the discovery that is usually even more revealing), then the prose of Villoro the philosopher is revealing in a roundabout way: “Those who are locked into a style of ideological thinking don’t have to accept that their beliefs come down to individual interests, because they only see reason. In reality, if they accepted that their beliefs were unjustified and that they were only based in self-interest, they wouldn't be able to do anything but question them. That is why criticising ideology does not consist in refuting the ideologist’s reasoning, but in pointing out the specific self-interests that conceal them.”

Juan Villoro was the co-ordinator of the subjects “Literary Writing in Spanish” and “Stories” during the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years, respectively. Both subjects are part of the University Master in Literary Creation, which is currently being offered at IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He also served on the jury for the first grant for young writers awarded by the Hans Nefkens Foundation in 2012.

Juan Villoro is a lecturer in Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a visiting professor at Yale, Boston University and Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, which is the city where he presently resides. An award-winning narrator, essayist, author of children’s books, and translator of important works in German and English, Juan Villoro is increasingly recognised as one of Latin America's key contemporary writers.

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