Twenty-Six New Graduates in Digital Journalism in Buenos Aires

A total of 26 students have graduated from the latest edition of the Postgraduate Course in Digital Journalism, which was taught in Buenos Aires and organized jointly by UPF Barcelona School of Management, and Google. For this year’s edition, the I+E Foundation also took part as a program partner. The course gave students a broader view of the profession, along with an insight into the technological trends and changes that have occurred within the media. It was the third edition of this Buenos Aires-based program, which is directed by UPF lecturer Joan Francesc Cánovas and Artear News Manager Carlos de Elía.

The subjects covered by the program include the creation of digital projects, Internet-based services, tools and management, social networks as a means of online information input, new narratives and practices in digital journalism and opportunities for the creation of new business models. The aim is to train a new generation of journalists who will need to understand and master new technologies in order to produce new forms of journalism and offer them to society.

This year’s program concluded with the defence, conducted before an academic panel, of the final digital projects submitted by the participants, followed by a ceremony at the headquarters of the I+E Foundation in Buenos Aires. Work on the forthcoming 2016 edition of the postgraduate course is now underway.