José María Micó, winner of the Generation of '27 International Poetry Prize for his collection of poems 'Caleidoscopio'

José María Micó, Director of the University Master in Literary Creation, Professor of Spanish Literature in the Department of Humanities at UPF, poet and translator, has been named winner of the 15th Generation of '27 International Poetry Prize for his collection Caleidoscopio. His book was chosen out of a total of 242 works entered by authors from around the world.

The prize, awarded by the Generation of '27 Cultural Centre of the Provincial Council of Malaga, consists of 15,000 euros and the publication of the book by the prestigious Madrid publishing house Visor.

The members of the jury, all experts from the world of literature, were Luis García Montero, Spanish National Poetry Prize laureate, Jesús García Sánchez, Manager of the publishers Visor, Josep Maria Rodríguez, winner of the previous prize, and José Antonio Mesa Toré, Director of the Generation of '27 Cultural Centre. The ceremony was presided over by the Professor of Lexicology Antonio Garrido Moraga, with María Jesús Bernet Viso acting as secretary.

According to the President of the Jury, Antonio Garrido Moraga, Caleidoscopio has multiple registers and deals with issues such as identity, solitude and isolation. He added that it is a “deeply pondered” collection of poems, rich in meaning and “ingenious in terms of construction and structure”.

Together with the Loewe Prize, the Generation of '27 International Poetry Prize, currently in its 15th year, is one of Spain’s most important awards in the field of poetry. 

José María Micó

José María Micó was born in Barcelona in 1961 and is Professor of Spanish Literature at Pompeu Fabra University, where he was instrumental in establishing the University Master in Literary Creation. His poetry includes the books La espera (1992, Hiperión Prize), Letras para cantar (1997), Camino de ronda (1998), Verdades y milongas (2002) and La sangre de los fósiles (2005). His work has been included in a number of anthologies and a selection of his verse has been translated into Italian under the title Prima stazione. Poesie suelte 1990-2005 (Florence, Pagliai Polistampa, 2008). He has also authored works on philology and literary studies, the most recent of which was Las razones del poeta (Gredos, 2008). Furthermore, he has translated the work of great European poets such as Ausiàs March, Jordi de Sant Jordi and Ludovico Ariosto (Sátiras in 1999 and Orlando furioso in 2005, for which he obtained Spain’s National Prize for the Best Translation and Italy’s Diego Valeri International Prize and National Translation Prize).

José María Micó will receive the Generation of '27 International Poetry Prize twenty years after winning his last award.

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