Jorge Carrión and Carlos Scolari, to teach a MOOC on ‘The third golden age of television’

Jorge Carrión, lecturer of the Master in Literary Creation at UPF-IDEC, and Carlos Scolari, lecturer of the Postgraduate Course in Usability, Interaction Design, and User Experience, will be responsible for coordinating the new MOOC, The 3rd Golden Age of Television  offered on the platform Miríada X and organized by UPF.

This online course (MOOC) focuses on the relation between television and other channels and means of communication, such as literature, comic strips, videogames or transmedia, based on different topics related to some of the main television series of the past fifteen years.  From The Sopranos, and Mad Men, to Lost, and Six Feet Under, etc. The idea is to actually think seriously about series, make them objects of academic study, understand them as part of complex media, artistic works, and intellectually strengthen your passion for them. ‘And have fun. Because in this case, pleasure is all part of study’.

You can read the interview with Jorge Carrión and Carlos Scolari on the UPF website.