Jordi Urbea, academic co-ordinator of the Master’s in Direct Digital Marketing, publishes “Éxito”

The academic co-ordinator of the Master's
in Direct Digital Marketing
, Jordi
, and Gabriel
Garcia de Oro
have published the book “ Éxito.Las
once claves de la motivación, el triumph y el leadership vistas por
los mejores entrenadores del mundo”
(“ Success.The eleven
keys to motivation, triumph and leadership seen by the world's best coaches
”) ( published
by Planeta
). In this book the authors disclose the essential
keys to leadership and triumph
based on dialogues with top-level
football coaches, including Pep Guardiola, Vicente del Bosque, José Mourinho,
Javier Clemente, Jorge Valdano, Víctor Muñoz, Luis Aragonés,
Ernesto Valverde, Marcelo Bielsa and Mauricio Pochettino, among others.

From these interviews the authors extract the know-how of these professionals
who achieve, through their leadership strategies and techniques, make their
players work as a team making the most of the individual
talent of each player to the benefit of collective success.
The book provides answers to questions such as: “Can you imagine a company
where the director earns less than those below him? A business where everyone
is a young multimillionaire? How do you motivate them? How do you make them
earn their bread? How do you get them involved in the project?”.

The index of the book consists of the following section: 1. Knowing yourself,
2. Knowing the group, 3. Communication, 4. Emotional intelligence, 5. Goals
and Objectives, 6. Planning Capacity: Global and individual, 7. Innovation
and creativity, 8. Generosity, 9. Dispute-resolution capacity,10. Strength,
and 11. Motivation, a fundamental capacity. If you wish to read the book, you
can find it here

the academic co-ordinator of the Master's
in Direct Digital Marketing
and general manager of OgilvyOne worldwide
and Ogilvy Interactive. Jordi Urbea has been involved in the world of the Internet
since the outset. In 1992 he was sales director of Servicom, the first Internet
service provider, as well as director of the internal agency of Servicom. In
1995 he continued his career at Intercom, as sales manager, and in 1996 was
appointed director of new projects at the same company, where he was responsible
for the development of its internal agency (Plug Intercom). In 1998, together
with other Intercom partners, he founded the interactive agency Avatar e-studios.

In 1999, the agency was sold to the communication group Bassat Ogilvy & Mather,
and he became founder member of the company OgilvyInteractive, where he carried
out the post of director of the agency in Barcelona. In February 2001, he joined
eresMas (AUNA Group) as sales director of the portal. In October 2001, he became
director of new business of the same where, in April 2004, he was appointed
general manager of the OgilvyOne Barcelona office (which encompasses OgilvyInteractive).