Jaume Roures at the MBA part time 10 graduation

May 7th saw the graduation of the tenth promotion of IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra's MBA part time programme. After congratulations from programme director Joaquín Tena, the now former students attended a talk by Jaume Roures, co-founder of Mediapro. Thanks to his professional experience and specifically through the creation of Mediapro together with a small group of colleagues, Roures illustrated the importance of the role of companies and their directors in the creation of the social fabric and in relations which shape the future of society. Roures explained the philosophy of Mediapro which consists of promoting equality among company members as well as pointing out the responsibility the recent graduates will have for the happiness of their collaborators, according to the relations which they establish as directors. The relationship of equality with others favours growth, concluded the president of Mediapro.

The act then continued with the awarding of diplomas and with the intervention of representatives from the promotion who emphasised the importance of having completed the programme, not only in terms of professional development but also more importantly in terms of the personal growth it had represented to them and the positive impact it had had on the group.

Jaume Casals, academic advisor and vice-president of IDEC, closed the graduation ceremony. Celebrations then continued with a cocktail and dinner, during which prizes were awarded for the best academic performances and the best business plan. The first prize for best academic performance was awarded to Francesc Carulla and the second to Andrés Gay Ger. The prize for the best business plan went to the Bonmenj@r project, presented by Roger Ferrús, Joan Subirats and Francesc Carulla. The project is based on the concept of a sales and delivery chain for economic, healthy home cooking, to be sold exclusively on the Internet and with established pick-up points.