Jaume Puig-Junoy on the programme Cara a Cara (Canal3/24)

On 28 May, the director of the Master's in Healthcare and Pharmacoeconomics. Online version (spanish) appeared on the programme Cara a Cara broadcast on Canal 3/24. The co-director of the Research Centre into Healthcare Economics at UPF participated in a discussion entitled ?Should healthcare be co-financed??, debating whether users should contribute to the financing of the public healthcare service or not. This issue is being discussed at present in parliament but no decision has yet been taken.

The economics expert stated that ?healthcare is the public service most highly valued by citizens, but it should be taken into account that it is very costly, and in addition, it is the part of public expenditure which needs greatest growth. This growth must be financed, but who much tax can we devote to Healthcare??. For Puig-Junoy, the solution would be to apply ?solvent co-financing guaranteeing the sustainability of the public system and fairness for citizens.?

Direct link to the programme.