Jaume Casals, new vice-president of IDEC and president of the Study Council

The re-election of Professor Josep Joan Moreso as rector of Pompeu Fabra University has produced some changes in the University\'s management team. Professor Jaume Casals has been nominated commissioner to the rector and academic advisor for IDEC and, at the meeting of the Board of Trustees held on 18th June, was elected vice-president of IDEC, a position he already held between 2001 and 2005, replacing Professor Jaume Guillamet, and President of the Council of Studies, replacing Professor Maria Morràs, who continues as member of the council.

Vice-rectors Miquel Oliver and Olga Valverde now join as new members of the Board to replace Professors Jaume Guillamet and Tomàs de Montagut. Postgraduate vice-rector, Professor Olga Valverde, also join as member of the Governing Council to replace Professor Enric Argullol.

We would like to congratulate these individuals on their new positions and wish them every success in their work, and at the same time thank all those who are concluding their participation in the governing organs of IDEC for their collaboration and the work they have done.