An economics masterclass with a difference

  • UPF Barcelona School of Management will give a masterclass on Economics and Business in the form of an inverted class.
  •  This pedagogical model is becoming more and more consolidated in innovative schools. It involves receiving online content in advance and dedicating the session to actively working through examples and doubts with the speaker.

As Albert Einstein said, “if you want to get different results you can’t always do the same thing.” The world of education is changing both inside and outside the classroom. Criticisms of traditional teaching methods have been given more weight due to the technological and social revolution, and they have demonstrated the need to guarantee effective and relevant learning beyond “repetitive” knowledge acquisition. 

UPF Barcelona School of Management has started to work with new educational models focused on individuals, their empowerment, and their talent, and so traditional lectures have been turned around, offering a different masterclass model based on flipped learning or an inverted class.

A masterclass on “New Competitive Strategies for Business” will take place on 30 June, given by lecturer Enric Jaulent. A masterclass for entrepreneurs, company executives and MBAs interested in updating their knowledge. The session is free and has a maximum of 30 spaces available. The participants will receive the session contents in advance via video so that they can dedicate the 4 hours of the masterclass working actively with the lecturer. “The educational centres are taking up the challenge of teaching content using emerging methodologies, involving the best of both face-to-face and online training. The inverted class encourages more in-depth, meaningful learning because those in attendance are involved in the process from the start. They go from being passive subjects, who listen to the lecturer, to active subjects who work, participate, raise doubts, work in teams, and organise and plan for projects or solve problems,” explains Daniel Serra, dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management.

MBA with project-based learning and a personal mentor

The flipped learning methodology is already used in the Executive MBA from UPF Barcelona School of Management, an innovative MBA proposal where not only new training formats are used, but also a new learning model, where the student and their project are the focus and form a large part of their training itinerary, based on their experiences and needs. Each student will therefore work on a personal challenge, a project to be defined from the beginning of the year under the supervision of an academic mentor, who will help to identify the key knowledge areas to be acquired during the year.