"Despite the crisis and debts, football clubs always come out on top", Carles Murillo for the newspaper Ara

Carles MurilloCarles Murillo, Director of the Master in Sports Management at UPF Barcelona School of Management, spoke to the newspaper Ara about the financial situation of football clubs in these times of crisis. The Professor of Applied Economics at UPF downplayed the severity of football's alleged crisis despite the nine-figure amounts owed by certain clubs to tax authorities, the source of great criticism in recent years.

In summer 2003, Mr Murillo was asked to be a member of the economic committee at FC Barcelona, and it was then that he realized the importance of professionalizing sports club management. To do so, Carles Murillo spurred the creation of the Master in Sports Management, now among the top ten in its field worldwide.

During the interview, Carles Murillo pointed out that, "If the clubs were in such dire economic straits, they would not have such large lines of credit; the banks wouldn't trust them."

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