Internship in the United Nations ESCAP

Michael Tobia, current student of the Master of Science in International Business, participated in the United Nations Technical Capacity Building Workshop on Afghanistan’s Accession to the World Trade Agreement held on 28-29 October in New Delhi, as a part of his internship in the United Nations ESCAP.

During the two-day convention, members of the United Nations and International Trade Centre (ITC) elaborated on the implications, benefits, and ramifications on a country's economy and trade capabilities once achieving full member status in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Michael spent the two days observing the presentations and taking notes to be used in press releases and other United Nations reports. “It was a tremendous networking opportunity as well, as I spent the day meeting many people from Afghanistan's public and private sectors. Additionally, I met many UN and ITC representatives from all over the world.” Michael commented satisfactorily.

Barcelona School of Management and ESCI congratulate Michaels on this important achievement.

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