Internet of Things and Smart Cities

The conference The Internet of things and smart cities was held on 28 June last, in the framework of the Master of Science in ICT Strategic Management, organized by the Barcelona School of Management.

The conference, led by Antoni Brey, the Director of Urbiotica, discussed the role played by The Internet of things at present and the challenges it confronts. As for smart cities, he explained that the implementation of technologies for the management of cities must have an environmental, social and economic return and he highlighted Barcelona’s potential to be a pioneering city in matters of town planning.  

A round table was then held, with the participation of Margarita Martínez from Barcelona Digital, Santiago Sánchez from Conzentra, Joaquim Català from Català Recursos Humans and Carles Martín, Co-Director of the Master of Science in ICT Strategic Management. The subjects discussed included the need for multidisciplinary professionals, who combine management with technology and who know how to work in a team.  

The conference, in which 50 people participated, was closed by Carme Martinell, Director General of the IDEC Foundation.